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1.One gang /Two gang /Three gang switch control interface
2.Dimmer switch interface
3.L8 curtain switch interface
4.L8 water heater switch interface
5.L8 thermostat switch interface
6.Socket interface
7.How does the L8 scene set?
8.How to change switch style?
9.How to check power consumption data?
10.How to use mobile number or email register account?
11.How to set curtain track time?
12.How to timer setting?
13.How to use delay operation?
14.How to set night mode?
15.How to use SIRI control switch?
16.APP Main inerface
17.L6&L7 curtain switch interface
18.How to change button name and icon?
19.How to modify password?
20.How to choose region?
21.How to delete all devices?
22.How to add widget to app?
23.Use App to change button name and icon
24.How to lock and unlock device?
25.How to open notification function?
26.How to use Echo control switch?
27.How to use Google Home control switch?
28.How to set green mode?
29.How to add and delete scene?
30.How to set L6 mutual control?
31.How to set L7 mutual control?
32.How to set L8 mutual control?
33.How to configure L6 Smart switch to APP?
34.How to configure L7 Smart switch to APP?
35.How to configure L8 Smart switch to App?
36.How to create room?
37.How to add IP camera to app?