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L6 UK Standard


What kind of socket is the L6WI-FI socket?

"A magic socket that makes traditional appliances smart" 

1.Mobile phone app remote control. start smart life. 

you can use lanbon app to monitor the home appliances plug to Lanbon smart socket anywhere with 3/4G or WIFI internet. Customize the program and plan, Set timing / delay operation of home appliances remotely. 

2.Load power indicator.

Real-time detection of high power air conditioners,  electric water heaters and other high-power home appliances parameters

3.Timing set anytime .

Energy saving time switch function ,make more convenient to use the home appliances. for example, time the humidifier,it turn off automatically left home. turn on automatically half hour before back home. wet the house for you, turn on the bedroom warm light, turn on the water heater in advance etc. make life more convenient , extend home appliance uselife, remove the electricity hidder danger.  

4.Electricity statistics, cultivate good electricity habits.

The Lanbon WI-FI Smart Socket Plus adds a power statistic chip that counts the cumulative power usage when the user charges the phone and uses other appliances. Let you accurately grasp the power consumption in your home and have a better use of electricity.

5.Overcurrent protection.

Lanbon WI-FI Smart Socket Plus can intelligently count the current current of the appliance and provide power protection.

6.High temperature reminder.

The internal temperature of the host can be detected by the chip, and the user is reminded when the temperature is too high and the power is cut off in time to prevent the danger from occurring.

7.Independent security door.

As with the basic version, it has a thoughtful safety door design, even if the user accidentally touches the jack, it will not get an electric shock, and it is more secure to use.

8.Flame retardant PC housing.

The material used for the outer casing meets the GB2099.1 flame retardant test standard, and the internal wave soldering process is used fou double safety protection.

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