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Lanbon L8 series Never-offline WiFi Tuya Smart Switch


   The latest L8 series never-offline Tuya LCD WiFi smart switch of Lanbon Smart Living, is  full-screen touch, beautiful, high-end, distinctive, fully compatible with the Tuya system, and can be used with any Tuya product. Stable and reliable, never Offline! Using the latest WIFI MESH networking technology, each switch can do wifi repeat, and automatically forward wifi signals to each other. No need special high quality wifi routers, and you don’t need to worry about the the WiFi coverage in the house. Our Tuya LCD WiFi smart switch enable you to say goodbye to the traditional WiFi switch.

  Four models in one design makes it easier for customers to purchase, and more convenient for dealers to store goods, by helping save logistics costs, saves storage costs and labor costs.

    Three styles interface display, ten background themes available for options, so that the entire switch is fully integrated into your decoration style.

  Perfect after-sales service system, 10-year design experience in smart home.

    Make your life simple and fantastic!

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