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Lanbon Launch the world’s first L8 LCD smart switch, Opening up new business in the intelligent area


Today ,Lanbon announced the world first L8 LCD smart switch officially launched. With the rapid development demand for them,Lanbon is constantly exploring and innovating in the development of “smart products”. Today, Lanbon's independent innovation and development of the "6 model in 1" L8 products, subvert the traditional switch, comprehensively improve the traditional switch,with many types, models, dealers and factory inventory, logistics, production, storage costs Higher problems . This breakthrough and pioneering new "High technology" products  is beyond the technological level of the existing "smart products" and has epoch-making significance.


L8 LCD smart switch appearance uses high-resolution LCD display, capacitive touch screen, ABC fireproof materials and other excellent materials. Using the advanced Google Wifi-Mesh technology, automatic networking, no need to arrange multiple AP or WIFI routers, and the number of networking switches up to 255 nodes, the signal coverage is strong. Secondly, the L8 smart switch with “6 model in 1 switch functions combined” not only has a warm and romantic atmosphere, but also allows you to set various backlights in different life scenes and enjoy different lighting atmospheres. It also uses the world's original scanning code. Configuration, just one-click scan QR code, simple operation. Further introducing modern advanced manufacturing technology, it is a unique and creative "smart switch" that allows you to redefine the perception of smart switches.


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