Sales Guide

Exclusive agent marketing must follow requirement


1. Company Website  


Build the website under lanbon brand, show the lanbon smart switch on webpage. have online service to handle the inquiry. provide online demo video for customer to understand the advantages of products. prepare the Q&A list for customer better understanding.

2. Marketing brochures of products

   Preparing lanbon products brochure, show the HD picture of products of different angle. list the detailed specification of products and advantages


3. Show kit

 Make a show kit, including light switch, dimmer switch, curtain switch , WIFI IR repeater and smart socket, prepare the router and tablet together.  set all the switches to the tablet , then staff can bring the show kit to customer and show the function and advantages of products.

4. Roll up banner

   Roll up banner shows the HD picture of the products and unique advantages.  can also put customer feedback picture to show product is high quality and enjoy high reputation.  then customer willing to order . 


5. Showroom 

    Build a showroom, install the lanbon products, light switch connect to lamps, curtain switch with curtain motor and track. WIFI IR repeater add to app and set the AC and TV to APP.  tablet with wireless charge hold for show the app control of all devices.

6. Testing tool

 Prepare the testing tool , when receive the switches , test all of them to ensure all works well.

7. Technique support

 Should have a engineer to understand all the wiring, installing , setting and repairing of the products,  offer customer best after sale service.

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