Sales Guide

Sales channel of Exclusive agent


1. Super market / building material market/ hardware store

      Lanbon wifi smart switch have build in wifi module, so图片2.png mobile phone can control directly no need gateway, so customer can order even one pc to use. after test the switch working well, he can recommend it to relatives or neighbors .

2.Online Sales


    1) Ebay or Amazon   

    2)Use the smart switch or related keyword search the dealer which have online shop via Google or other search engine. fine the online shop, sell lanbon switch to them.

    3)Agent can build own online shop.

    4)Register to the local or worldwide famous B2C website , post lanbon smart switch on it to get customers

3. Project

    Find the project owner , do best to persuade them to install a showroom of lanbon smart switches, when buyers looking around can introduce the smart switches. it will makes the house high level and attract more customer. also it is a good advertisement of Lanbon smart switches 


4. Fair

  Take part in the famous electronic or home furnishing fair , build the show board to show the the lanbon smart switches, prepare a TV, play the video introduce lanbon smart switch functions and advantages. Put the roll up banner at the booth to show the high reputation from customer used lanbon smart switches

5. Branch agent

    If the exclusive agent country is large, can sign the branch exclusive agent of each sates or cities. ask the branch agent prepare switches for show and stock for sell, also can advise branch agent build the show kit , bring to customer and show the functions advantages of lanbon smart switch to get order.

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