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Technical Support
1、How to lock and unlock the device?
2、How to change a three gang switch to one gang/two gang/curtain switch?
3、How to change the device name?
4、How to set delay operation and auto shutdown?
5、How to time setting?
6、How to share device data?
7、How to change the device icon?
8、How to change device type icon?
9、How to adjust the L6 switch background indicator?
10、How to create a room?
11、If wifi indicator keep blinking, how to solve it?
12、How to set the switch touch button voice?
13、How to set AP mode?
14、How to configure L6 2 and 3 gang wifi switch?
15、How to configure L6 1 gang wifi switch?
16、L6 switch how to install?
17、Size of L6 rectangular switch?
18、Size of L6 square wifi switch?
19、L5 round bottom switch how to install?
20、L5 square bottom switch how to install?
21、How to configure L5 wifi switch?
22、The size of L5 round back switch?
23、The size of L5 square back switch?
24、L6 rectangular、square base size?
Scene switch
WIFI IR Repeater
Remote control
WIFI Portable Socket
Mutual control